Occasional and Accessories


Each piece in this collection is constructed from hand-selected 1.5″ thick premium acacia wood. Planks vary in width from 4-8″ offering a much higher quality feel and look compared to other product on the market for a similar price.

The Mozambique features bench-made construction with butterfly joinery and reclaimed metal bases. The German catalyzed water-based finish creates an amazing luminosity that evokes beauty from every angle and is durable for daily use.


Vail Collection

The simplicity of the Vail collection exemplifies the mid-century modern era. With its live edge and dynamic wood grain, the solid Acacia top is the highlight of this collection. Each piece is supported by hair pin legs and the tops are coated with a catalyzed water-based finish for ultimate durability and beauty.


This collection features a mixture of hand-forged and cast iron fuse together to create eclectic assortment of accent pieces. Crafted exclusively from reclaimed materials, each piece is brought to life creating visually stunning furniture that will make a lasting impact while preserving valuable natural resources.


Industrial Loft

Each piece is completely hand crafted from reclaimed and recycled materials. This unique collection features fine details such as adjustable hand cranks for a vintage look that blends art and function. We bring back the industrial era and old-school foundry techniques to make long lasting and functional items that create a conversation in every piece.



This collection is not simply about illumination – it’s about creating a focal point. Consisting of overhead and table lights, each fixtures comes with Edison bulbs to create a lost in time feel.



Advantages of Sustainable Hardwood

As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, HTD is committed to constructing products from materials that have the beauty and durability of an exotic tropical hardwood, while at the same time, being an ecologically renewable resource. With that in mind, HTD constructs 70% of its furniture from Mango wood – a hardwood that has a density and hardness similar to that of Cherry or Walnut. It is also sustainable choice, as it’s harvested from mature trees that are no longer able to produce fruit.


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