New Items Coming this Month

Wellington Collection

  • FWH-CN56 Console 56″ made with reclaimed materials throughout


French Market Collection

  • FFM-DT94O 94″ Vintage Paris Oval Table with Rustic Reclaimed Wood
  • FFM-AST36 Accordion-Style Adjustable Table with Wheels
  • FFM-BC17 Vintage Tractor Seat Bar Stool



Steampunk Collection

  • FSP-LSB74 Vintage Steampunk Low Media Console Bench 74x18x17
  • FSP-CN69 Vintage Steampunk Console/Desk 69x18x32
  • FSP-RD36 Reclaimed Wagon Wheel Top with Marble Inlay Table
  • FSP-GOD67 Steampunk Glass Top Office Desk with Moving Gears


Old Mill Collection

  • FOM-DC15 Cast Iron Accent Chair with Reclaimed Wood Base 15x22x31
  • FOM-RD54 Rustic Old Mill Round Table 54″ with Industrial Base 54x54x30
  • FOM-DT79CP Vintage Pop-Art Dining Table made from Reclaimed Signs and Wood 79x35x30
  • FOM-CT53 Officers Mess Coffee table with Reclaimed Wood 53×27.5×18
  • FOM-ADT30 antique Marble Adjustable Table with Wagon Hub Base 30x30x28-36
  • FOM-AST16 Antique Marble Small Table with Wagon Hub Base 16x16x18-24
  • FOM-DT78 Dining Table made with Reclaimed Wood and Metal
  • FOM-DT86 Reclaimed Rustic Wood top with Recycled Cast Iron Base 86x40x31

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